Director's Foreward


It is my esteem pleasure to welcome you to the official home site of the Federal Government College, Sokoto. I believe we will be offering you a school to rival anywhere in the world. Our facilities are outstanding and stand to be compared with both within and outside the country. Our classrooms have the most modern teaching interactive whiteboard and internet facilities to ensure excellent learning process. We also strive to invest and re-empower our human resources to drive the physical investment that we already have.

Federal Government College, Sokoto is one of the first 3 unity college to be established and 1 of the 104 unity colleges that is excusively owned by the Federal Government of Nigeria and it is run by the Federal Ministry of Education (FMOE) with the Director/Principal as its Head, three Deputy Directors and two assistant Directors as Vice Principals. We have outstanding teachers that are not only professionally qualified, but have higher experience compared to others which is for greater benefits to our student. We have the academic staff strength of 110 graduate teachers.

I believe that parent will value the progressive checks on their children's activities and achievements, and also communicate freely with teachers, thus our e-portal provide them the platform to achieve this. Our eportal also allows parents to access their children's  result and academic progress.

I believe that the students learn best when a happy environment is provided for learning. Our boarding House is a happy environment for students to enjoy planning and aspires for their future ambitions. Our boarding students are highly cultured toward out motto which is "pro-unitate" and live as a single family, where friendship and future relationships are developed. Senior students are identified as leaders and few among them chosen as prefects. They are tutored to coordinate, direct and encourage the junior ones and not to punish or bully them.

Please explore our website on a regular basis as policies, news, events and pictures of our great school will be continually updated.

Thank you.
Malikawa L. M