(a)        Afternoon and Night Preps are compulsory for all Boarding Student. Any absence from prep attracts one-day manual labour.
(b)       Students attend preps in their House Wears. Any improper dressing at preps attracts seizure of the wrong clothes, a repeat by same student attracts one week suspension
(c)        Lateness to prep attracts One-hour manual labour the following Day during siesta.

PREP Rules

(i)         No lateness to preps
(II)        Students must appear in their House wears
(iii)       No loitering during prep.
(iv)       No noise making. All the classes must remain quiet during preps.
(v)        Afternoon and night preps are compulsory
(vi)       No senior is allowed to punish a junior students during preps excepts the prep supervisors.
Any violation of Rules will attract one hour manual labour during siesta (3-4pm) the following day.
Any students absent from prep more than once a week receives one day manual labour