General Rules

(i)         No student should inflict any willful damage to the college property. Any offender is surcharged to the value of the property
(ii)        Stealing of any kind is a dishonest act and therefore highly discouraged. Any offender faces a disciplinary committee for investigations and sanctions.
(iii)       No student is allowed to change his/her Religion, during his/her stay in the college.
(iv)       Change of name other than that with which the student is admitted is not allowed.
(v.)       No social gathering holds in the college compound without the permission of the Principal. Adequate arrangements must be made with the senior Boarding House Master/Mistress for proper supervision. Any such programmes must appear on the students social activities for the term and must still be backed up with permission to hold. A flout of the rule attracts immediate stop of the function and culprits made to face disciplinary committee.
(vi.)      None students (outsider) must not be invited to students social gathering without the permission of the principal.
(vii.)     Any group of students representing the school outside must be accompanied by Teacher(s) and must come back in group. Any misbehavior outside the school will be punished as any other misconduct within the school
(viii.)    No students is allowed to smoke or take alcohol or any inducement drug. Any offender will be Expelled from college.
(ix.)      Any female student found pregnant while in school is expelled from the college.
(x.)       No students are allowed to drive any automobile in the college premises.
Any offender does two days manual, labour, and parent/Guardian receives a strong written warning from the school authority.
(xi.)      No student is allowed to write any external exams while in school. Any offender will either be demoted and or expelled.
(xii.)     Pornographic pictures/ are not allowed in the school. Any offender