Clinic Rules

(i)         Every students should have a medical record in the clinic.
(ii)        All cases of ill-health must  be reported to the Clinic staff.
(iii)       Boarders who bring their drugs to school mush hand them over to the college Nurse who supervises the administration. No self-medication is allowed.
(iv)       Emergencies may be referred to the Hospital if the need arises with the consent of the Nurse.
(v)        On the recommendation of the college Nurse a sick students may be sent home by the Principal for better care.
(vi)       The clinic staff ensures that food is brought to any sick students admitted in the clinic
(vii)      Day students who have a need to visit the clinic must go with a note from a teacher, and treatment given must be written for the students to take home, to notify their parents.
(ix)       A sick student on sick exeat must come back with doctor’s written reports or certificates.
Any student caught in self medication should be referred to G & C for counseling.