Boarding House Rules

i. The college is a Boarding school. No student is allowed as a Day student except by the permission of the school authority.
ii. Return or Resumption: All Boarder return to the Boarding House on the resumption week-end. Perfects return on a Friday while other students return on a Saturday. By 6.00pm. The gate is closed against any student returning to the Boarding House.

Sanction for Late Resumption
Any Border who returns one day late pays a fine of N100.00 only and does one day manual labour; two days lateness attracts a fine of N200.00 (i.e. N100.00 x 2) and two days maual labour, etc.
NB Parents who bring their wards back to school are not allowed to until their wards have been dully checked and cleared.
iii. All Dormitories are out of to all students during classes, preps or games except by permission.
iv.  Boys hostels are out of bound to all girls and Vice versa. Offenders receive Two days manual labour and to face disciplinary committee.
v. No student is allowed to receive a visitor including parent outside the visiting Day without clearance from the school.

  1. Unauthorized visitors are to be turned away
  2. The student is given 2 hours manual labour.
  3. An offender is surcharged for any damage as a result of tampering.
  4. A second – offender is deboarded

ix.  No student is allowed to share a bed with another student such a case should be reported immediately to the House officer both student will do one day manual labour.
x.  Students’ pocket money should be kept with the House officer or Guardian. No student should keep cash in excess of N200.00
xi. Exeat
No student leaves the college without duly endorsed Exeat by the House officer and V.P Admin. An offender is given 2 days manual labour.
xii. No visitor is allowed into the hostel. Offending visitors will be handed over to the security, while the student should face Student Disciplinary Committee.
xiii. Staff Houses are out of bounds to all students except by the permission of the school authority. Offenders will do two day manual labout
xiv.  Light out rules must be strictly obeyed. Any offender will do one day manual labour
xv.   Contra banned Items
The use of contra banned items like canned food, liquid milk, candles mufty, etc. are highly prohibited. Only articles on the Boarding House list will be allowed into the school.

  1. Confiscation of the items
  2. For a second offender, a day manual labour in addition to a thorough search and confiscation of items

xvii.  Fagging, Bullying and Extortion
No senior student is allowed to fag or bully or extort anything from the junior, student. Any student caught in this act receives 2 days manual labour. A second offender, also receives 2 days manual labour. And the parents are invited to sign an undertaking. A third offender is deboarded.
xvii.  Fighting: Fighting among students is viewed very seriously. Any case of fighting is referred to a Disciplinary Committee for investigation and appropriate sanctions.
xviii.  Unwholesome Relationship
This refers to any act of Immorality fornication, adultery, lesbianism, homo sexuality, etc. any such cases are referred to Disciplinary Committee for investigation and appropriate sanctions.
xix. Bound Breaking and Jumping of Fence
This is a very serious offence Bounds Breaking includes sneaking out of the college compound; visiting staff houses without official permission etc. any offender receives two days manual labour. A second offender proceeds on a whole week suspension and brings the parents at resumption to sign an undertaking. A third offender is deboarded.